ECO Fuel



Are you sick of rising gas prices? Remember the days when you could fill the tank for $50? Nowadays, that will only fill it up a little over halfway.

Increased oil prices mean we’re all paying more at the pump. And the way things are going in the world now, the price of fuel is only going to go up.

After years of research and development, we’re proud to introduce Eco Fuel, an intelligent fuel saving device that reduces your vehicles fuel consumption.

Eco Fuel is a chip that saves you fuel without you having to make expensive modifications to your car.

Eco Fuel comes with many benefits:

✔️ Saves money at the gas pump
✔️ Improves your car’s fuel efficiency by 15%-35%
✔️ Helps you do your bit to fight climate change

Every modern car made after the year of 1996 has an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This is the car’s brain, and it monitors the performance and optimization of the engine.

Once installed and you’ve driven around 200 km with the Eco Fuel connected, it will have enough data to begin tuning your car’s computer for lower fuel consumption.